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Today, I was chatting with Shanel on the phone (which honestly happens everyday, so no matter what day you read this, the statement will undoubtedly be true). So as I was saying today I was chatting with Shanel on the phone when she asked me if I had noticed a glove that she had misplaced the night before.

Since my house is spotless (this statement is most assuredly only true today, February 5th. This is primarily due to the contest I am having with Nate and winning by the way) I knew there was no such glove in the house. I told her that I would check the stairway and foyer to see if it was out there.

As I meandered down the stairway telling her all the things Ava had put her mouth today, I spied a large box on our shoe rack.

“I don’t see your gloves, but it looks like we got a package.”

“What kind of package?”

“I don’t know. Probably something for Nate. He’s always ordering some sort of technology. I have no idea. I swear he gets some sort of package every week. I’m always like ‘what is that?’ and he’s like ‘oh it’s a cord or a cable or … I don’t know something.’ Wait this is for me.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know; it’s from some outdoor company. I don’t remember ordering anything.”

Baffled I carried the box up the stairs through the house into the kitchen still babbling away with Shanel. Ava walked into the kitchen from the other side and spied the big box in my arm.

“Is that for me? Is that for me? Did I get a present?” she asked, hopping up and pulling down my arm. “Who’s it from? Is it for me?”

“No, it’s for me.”

I pulled open the drawer and was surprised to see scissors. First a package for me, then finding scissors on the first try, this day couldn’t possibly get better.

I sliced through the tape and found this note:

You are my most favorite Mama ever! You’re the best Mama in the world!

Love, Ava

And then I saw this:


and this:


And then Ava saw this:


and this:


So she grabbed her Uggs and joined the fun:


Look at us: matching sweaters, matching Uggs, matching grins. This reminds me of this:

Ahh, would you look at that, Mama Ugg and Baby Ugg reunited at last:


How Ava came up with the funds to reward her “most favorite Mama” with Uggs is beyond us.

I suppose if babies are now trading stock on E*trade, ordering Uggs online can’t be all that much more complicated, can it?

And perhaps Uggs is marketing to a younger audience. Just this past Sunday, Ava and I were in line to check her into the church nursery when we heard a little voice behind us saying, “Mama look. That girl has Uggs like me.”

Did I mention we were in line for the nursery? With the way Ava is setting trends around here we are all going to be licking our shoes within the week or at least gnawing on cardboard boot shapers.

Oh, how can I mock her at a time like this? She and her mysterious benefactor just gave me Uggs.

And did you hear, I’m her most favorite Mama!

P.S. Will the real M.B. (Mysterious Benefactor) please stand up??


Psst Toes, ignore the weatherman. Warmer days have just arrived!

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