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Inspired by the heart and sparkle sticker collection that is February’s Target, Ava has been dreaming of glitter hearts and pink cupcakes with X and O sprinkles since the evergreen garlands came down.

I’ve restocked her craft drawers with a prism of pinks and red, puffy heart stickers, added some paper lace, and brought the glitter down to her reach. Her valentines are plentiful, and our home is on course to beat out Hallmark for the V-day spirit award.

She found this confetti-heart skirt in a secret stash of presents and suddenly the drive to create valentines became quite personal. She had to wear it “today.”


Waiting until Valentine’s Day would be a complete waste of twirl-ready hearts and swirls.

She scrambled into her room with the flurry of purse enthusiasts at a Coach close-out sale. Tights, shirts, shoes were flying out at her closet at record speed, as she searched for the perfect accompaniments for her new “most favorite, special skirt.”


Apparently, Ava does not adhere to the less is more philosophy when it comes to hearts and fashion.

According to this three-year-old, red techno dot tights, a tweet-heart shirt, and gold sparkle shoes were the only way to properly say, “I heart Valentine’s Day!”



This child is clearly six bangles and one flash glove shy of Cyndi Lauper.

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