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what’s on jude’s face?

did you guess?

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or at least the answer to what’s on Jude’s face.

It was quite tasty, so I can’t really blame the computer. I didn’t want to try it at first. Who would? Did you see it? Don’t you find food resembling gray matter rather fishy?

I do. It was quite horrifying, and not any better when I learned what it actually was.

I said, “pass,” sat back and watched Jude and Ava eagerly devour their portions. Somehow in my state of unaffected, indifference my finger ended up in my mouth after one of the many times I wiped off Jude’s chin. This prompted the request of an actual bite.

It was silky and rich and wonderful.

If there hadn’t been such a terribly long line for the concoction, I would have ordered one of my own.

And now the computer has not only had one sweet, salty lick, but has taken the whole darn thing. And he’s not sharing. Every time I try to open the folder, he straight up freezes. Frozen rock solid.

Hungryman tried to take a crack at him this morning before dashing off to work.

It did not go well.

A water bottle may have been thrown. Tires may have squealed. I may be exaggerating.

I’ll tell you one thing, that computer is going down.

And hopefully not with his hands wrapped around my story.

It doesn’t break free this evening, I’ll ink out the answer in BOLD FACE old school style tomorrow morning just in time for the Sunday News.

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double dare


i dare you.

i mean, i double-dare you

to guess what is on jude’s face.

it’s not scary, i promise.

okay, well maybe it’s a little scary at first,

but not for long.

can you guess?


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(who is that boy? and where is my baby?)

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