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At first this post was going to be about how he went from this

to this.



About how he is no longer a sleep-all-day-and-night infant,

but a smiling, laughing, rolling-over, bubble-blowing baby.

Even though he has doubled his birth weight and discovered his toes, in many ways the biggest changes around here these past four and half months have been hers.

She has gone from being shared by her parents


to sharing her parents.

She has become his big sister.

She went from sounding out little readers to reading him “big” books.

She bid farewell to the birds on her wall and the only home she’s known. She learned to sleep far away from her parents and claims to no longer need Bubba.

She had her first dance recital,

learned to ride on two wheels, and blew out six candles on her cake.

And before I could blink, she waved goodbye to Kindergarten.

In the shadows of all these events I’ve sensed a maturity happening that I cannot capture in pictures and hardly even name. Over the past four and half months I have felt a shift, a deepening of understanding, a lessening of selfishness, and an eagerness to serve others. It’s as though I’ve been given glimpses of the young lady that is emerging

and she is lovely.

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