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falling for autumn


It’s no secret that I love summer. I like it hot. Very hot. So hot you have to swim to cool off hot.

I like it sundress hot. Flip-flop hot. Tall glass of ice tea hot.

When the temperature drops, my mood wants to take the same path.

This year, I’m flirting with the idea of embracing fall. It would be so much easier if I didn’t know what comes after fall. But fall with it’s cool mornings and warms colors is enticing. Perhaps if make a list of all that is lovely in autumn, I wouldn’t dread it so much.

Here’s my start:

Crisp, tart apples


Pumpkins on doorsteps

Leaves, leaves, leaves

Steaming apple cider

Hay ridesIMG_5909

Cozy scarves

Butternut squash soup

Oh fall soups are good. Very good.

Do you love fall? What’s on your list?

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