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city slicker

Early this morning, we were off to the doctor for Ava’s five-year-old check up and the much dreaded shots. She shed not one tear, and was doubly awarded with four brightly colored bandaides and four trophy prizes.

Her doctor confirmed our suspicions that she is growing like a weed, more than ready for school and is very allergic to cats. The doctor wrote her notes on the screen of a tablet PC, which Ava declared as “magic.” A delight which was only surpassed by the promise of a medicine that could help her play with cats.

We had planned to run a few errands after the appointment, which now included acquiring magic cat potion, and make our weekly trip to the library. But it was too cold. Or as they like to say in Minnesota, we were not dressed for the weather. That’s right. It’s the end of May and somehow we thought we could wear sundresses, flip-flops, and light sweaters. How silly of us.

So we headed home for a few additional layers.

After adding leggings, a fleece, a scarf, and exchanging her flip-flops for some boots, she stopped on the stairway to make this useful observation.

“I look like a cowgirl today, don’t I Mama? Don’t you think these boots make me look like a cowgirl? Yep, I’m a cowgirl today.”


Yes, that was my first thought. I hear cows are particularly fond of sparkly hearts and shiny gold buttons.

You know I don’t think that this girl has ever seen a real live cowgirl and hardly a cow at that.  At her age I had been to more rodeos than tea parties, and every other person I knew owned a pair of battered wranglers and Justin boots. I remember when my Minneapolis cousins would come visit us in Montana, I would be mesmerized by their city words and city clothes.

Now look at me, I’m raising my very own city slicker. Those boots have hardly seen a speck of dust let alone an entire range.

After dazzling more than one librarian with her not-so-western ensemble, we returned home to snuggle and read through our bag of books. Thanks to our favorite pig, Olivia, Ava finally has the words to pair with this outfit:

“And of course, you can always accessorize!”

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Last year I was amazed to find four candles on my baby’s cake. You can imagine my surprise when someone added another one.

IMG_2580This past year has blown by.

And with three birthday parties in one weekend, this one doesn’t show any signs of letting up.

Nor does she.


Look out five, here she comes!

Perhaps I’ll post more pictures when I’ve recovered from the shock. And the sugar high. And from seeing dots.


First I’m going to look at this.


Ohh. Happy Birthday my little bird!

I think FIVE is your number!!

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A guest post by AVA

I am a little bird to Mama.

Mama is my little flower.

Happy Mother’s Day.

I like to give you flowers, Mama.

I like tha tyou are kind.

I like to give presents to Mama.

I like Mama becuase she is so special and she is my mother.

She is my little crown of happy birthday stars.

I like it when you play with me.

I like to do paintings with you and I like to make crafts for you, and I like to clean up for you.

I like it when you sing songs to me at bedtime.

I like when you snuggle with me and read me books.

I like it when you give me hugs and kisses.

I like to sing songs to you.

I like when you tuck me in at bedtime.

I thank God for Mama because she made me as her kid.

I thank God for Mama because I love her very special.

I like it when you help me do the garden. I like to plant flowers for you.

I like that you are very special and kind and loving to me.


(As it appeared in a card this morning).

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a tisket a tasket

a shiny, silver basket…

It’s the perfect day for hanging some spring blooms on your neighbor’s doorknob!!

You need: Clean tin cans, floral foam, ribbon, and flowers!


Punch two holes on either side of the can


String the ribbon through each hole


and tie on knot on the outside of the can.


Cut the foam and put in in the can.


Fill each can with water.


Push in some spring flowers!img_2234

Attach a custom label.


We’re off to ring some doorbells.


Happy May Day!!

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