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For the past three weeks, HungryMan was working overtime. And by overtime, I mean twice the amount of time that he normally works. He walked out the door before we woke up and didn’t put his key into the door until Ava was sound asleep.

Let’s just say that my empathy for single parents has more than doubled. I knew it would be a tough three  weeks. I did not realize that I would crash each night after putting Ava to bed.

Before he started his crazy three weeks I made a list of all the little projects I could do during my free evenings (like publishing this post). Oh, I was clueless. By the time Ava’s breathing had settled to a steady purr, I was comatose on the couch. I could not even lift my mind’s eye to the pile of things gathering dust in my brain.

This new schedule also interrupted our Saturday morning routine of all snuggling together in bed. On the first Saturday the jamma-girl stumbled into our room to discover only one lump in the bed instead of two.

Disappointed, she went hunting for her missing daddy and found him already hard at work in his office.

“Sorry Ava,” He said as he gave her a hug. “Daddy has to work this weekend. I have to work everyday for the next fourteen days, and then we’re going to Florida and we’ll be together everyday. Okay, Ava?”

Ava stared at the pile of charts and graphs that seemed to have grown overnight on his desk. She nodded and sprinted to the other end of the house.

When I wandered into the kitchen later in search of my eye-opening orange juice, Ava was fully engrossed at her craft table. She had poured herself a plate of colored pensils, crayons, and glue. I cracked eggs as she cut paper. Before I could serve her up some food, she grabbed her project and dashed back to the office.

“Look Daddy, I made you fill-up’s.”


“Yeah, I made you fill-ups. See they are fill-ups. Look.”


“Here you go, Daddy. Now you don’t have to works so much. Now you only have to work two days.”

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i heart my valentine


I’m head over heels for this guy. Eleven Valentines later and he still makes me swoon.

Attending a wedding may be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

A squeeze when the bride enters, a message on love in marriage, a reminder of your vows, a glance during the kiss, a photo booth to entertain your child


and yourselves,


enough food to fill HungryMan, an amazing photographer who happens to be your old roommate, laughter, music, flowers, candles…

And then dancing. Oh the dancing.


I want to dance with this man for the rest of my life.

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sending you love


& cheer on Valentine’s day.


We’re dressed in our finest reds and pinks, and off to a Valentine’s Day wedding.

Hope your day is filled with love!!

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Thanks to misplacement of the double “d’s”, one daddy wasn’t feeling the love.

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Please don’t ask me how I’m going to pull all those subjects together, because it’s probably not going to happen. Or at least, it’s not going to happen gracefully.

Think of it more as a list of things that I need to tell you and less of a title. It’s like I jotted myself a note at the top of this page in hopes that I wouldn’t forget anything.

First, Happy Birthday to President Lincoln and my friend Kirsten. (This has nothing to do with the list; they just share a birthday that happens to be today).

You are both tall and wise.

Much love to one of you. The living one.

While we are celebrating the birthdays of this fine pair, let’s announce the winners of the tutu!


Congratulations Jo! You won a tutu of your choice. Personally, I think the fact that you named your dog Badger gave you an advantage. The invisible folks over at Random.org guarantee this was completely random, but I’m not buying it.

Either way, I’m so glad you won! I think perhaps you might need to send us a picture of your domestic Badger.

As for the badgers in this house, they have been crowded out by all the paper hearts, glitter hearts, and doily hearts that a certain little girl has plastered about our home. She is a valentine making machine. Hallmark should be very nervous.

This year, she brought her heart creations to whole other dimension: 3D, pinata style.

She cut red and pink tissue paper into long strips and then cut the strips into small squares. Then she counted out three squares of tissue,


Wrapped them around the end of a pencil,


Dipped them in glue,


And pressed them onto the a large heart cut out of cardboard.


She made a border of red tissue and then added pink to the middle.


We had to switch from a black pencil to a white pencil. Apparently saliva plus graphite turns a colored pencil into a type of eyeliner that will paint black stripes across your cheeks and shirt. Who knew?


You can add ribbon to hang it on your door or two hands to hold it over your head.


Not only is it a super sweet Valentine’s Day wreath, it’s a fantastic way to entertain your preschooler. I’m just glad that all those hours spend on making all those 4-H floats has finally come in handy. Thank you Mrs. Z!

We were going to hang it on our door to welcome four little pink clad girlfriends tomorrow morning, but there is this thing called the throat tickle, which at this writing has upgraded to a full-on burning.

I woke up this morning with that scratchy sense of dread. All day I tried to ignore it, running around to pick up the last bits of pink and red for the next morning’s activities. And now I’m comatose on the couch hosting the fever and her pal, the chills and a few of their other less cordial friends. I’m dreading the morning when I have to tell Ava that her party was canceled due to her mama’s state of contagiousness.

Oh, I’m so sad. I love Valentine’s Day parties. Is it possible to postpone them? Could we go ahead and have the party on the other side of February 14th?

What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Crafts? Chocolate? Cupids?

Do tell.

It will be a good antidote for the guilt and disappointment of the morning.

And I do have a giant tissue heart to cheer me up.

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q: do badgers hibernate?

a: Badgers do not hibernate but they are less active in cold weather and can live underground for days without food.


Sounds about right.

Hungryman tries to tell me that I would warm up if I would only move around a bit more. I’m not buying it.

Maybe this explains why I always seem to shrink during the winter. Though you would never know given the number of layers I require each morning when I am torn away from my two down comforters.

After I wrote that sentence, I realized that I was hungry and cold. So I’m back with a bowl of granola and another scarf.

January was an icicle. A long, jagged, bitter spear of a month. Jack Frost etched out his winter land icescapes on all our windows and even our screens. Ava and I have been huddled up in our ice house reading eachother books: I, Little House on the Prairie to her, and she, Bob Books to me.

It’s finally beginning to thaw, loosening my fingers on the keyboard. I’ve missed you, my friends on the other side of this screen. I hope you will forgive my frozen retreat.

I’ve been gone so long that I didn’t get to properly say:

Merry Christmas! (Wow, that feels like a long time ago).


& Happy New Year! (So, does that).

I didn’t even give you a proper gift. I apologize. I better do that now before I start rambling and you give up on this post and never get to the bottom to realize there is a gift drawing at bottom waiting for you.

One of Ava’s favorite presents this Christmas was a hot pink tutu.


Last December a group of my girlfriends gathered  to twist tulle around some ribbon in hopes of delighting our daughters on Christmas Eve.


It worked! She has been twirling in it nearly every day since. img_3955

My niece was equally pleased with her tutu. Hers is “princess” blue.  She is Cinderella, after all.


These two can’t even look up from their tutus to smile at the camera. They are smitten.

Really, doesn’t everyone need more tulle in their life?

So, I am holding a drawing for a tutu made to order for whatever special girl is in your life. Daughter, niece, neighbor, pooch, or maybe you want one for yourself.

You win. You pick.  She twirls.

To enter the give-away, subscribe to this blog by e-mail or feedreader, and leave me a comment telling me that you subscribed (or that you already subscribe) and what your tutu preference is.

Yes, I realize that I’m asking you to subscribe to a blog that is updated by the whims of an unpredictable, potentially hibernating creature. But I’m telling you, it’s so much better this way. No more fruitless, frustrating checking for updates. They come right to you. That’s almost a gift in itself.

I will leave the comments open until Wednesday, February 11 and announce the winner on Lincoln’s birthday!

That’s just perfect. We’ve missed the major holidays, but we can celebrate Abe’s birthday together! At least, we’ll have that.

Though groundhog day might have been more fitting.

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