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I’m taking a short break from massaging Ava’s tummy to let you know that sweet Ava is sick. She had a slight fever on Sunday and yesterday afternoon it rose to 102 where it remains.

The fever was the only symptom until two o’clock this morning when she began crying and writhing in pain from her abdomen. Ava has always had a very high tolerance to pain and rarely complains about physical discomforts. So we were very concerned that something could be wrong.

I brought her to the doctor’s office as soon as they opened. I explained intense pain and lack of other symptoms to the doctor and told him about her high pain tolerance. He kind of gave me the “sure-sure-whatever” look, and proceeded with the exam. When he looked Ava’s mouth, he actually gasped at the number of sores on her tonsils and throat. He asked her if her throat hurt and Ava shook her head and pointed to her stomach.

At this point, he also began to be more concerned. From the state of her throat, she should be complaining of pain there. He ran a few tests and so far everything points to a bad viral infection. Of course there is nothing for him to prescribe for a viral infection except rest and liquids.

We are home now, and I’m trying to help Ava relax by massaging her head and her tummy. I’m having a hard time getting her to drink any liquids. If anyone has good suggestions for fighting off a viral infection or to relieve stomach pain, please send them our way.

Please pray that it is indeed a bad virus and that Ava will feel better soon.

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Does the feeling inform the word or does the word inform the feeling?

AVA: I can’t go in my room ‘cause I’m nervous.

ME: What do you mean, you’re nervous?

AVA: I’m just nervous.

ME: Ava, what does nervous mean?

AVA: I don’t know.

ME: If you don’t know what it means, how do you know you’re nervous?

AVA: I just am.

ME: What do you think it means?

AVA: To be scared?

ME: Not quite.

AVA: To be missing somebody?

ME: No.

AVA: Well, what does it mean then?

ME: To be worried that something is going to happen.

AVA: Well then I’m worried that something is going to happen.

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she sings

“The birds of the air…sing among the branches.”

Throughout our days together, Ava delights me with her songs. She turns her observations, tasks, praises, and complaints into melodies. She blends bits of random lyrics together and also sings whole hymns from heart. At breakfast, she sings for her utensils; at bath time, she sings for the bubbles, and at nap time, she sings for her animals. She is my songbird.

This week she has been creating her own lullabies. I thought I would share two with you:

Sweet little lullaby baby,

For my love that comes down like winter.

Sweet lullaby,

For the spring comes after the snow.

Sweet little lullaby baby,

For my little girl that sleeps by mouses and trees.

Sweet lullaby.

Sweet little girl,

Sweet little girl

In my house that’s mine.

The days that will come after the nights.

When I am scared I will trust in God.

You can protect me.

You, God, will love me and protect me.

You are love.

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8:00 pm

8:30 pm

9:00 pm

9:00:15 pm

9:15 pm

9:30 pm

10:00 pm

10:30 pm

11:00 pm

Oh Summer, you are tricky with your warm nights and your sun that refuses to go to bed.

It makes us forget too.

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Remember when I told you about how HungryMan was flinging our friend, Johnny through the water like Indiana’s bull whip. I witnessed this harrowing event through the lens of our video camera. The jetski-dragging-tubing-fool footage has been hiding out our computer for weeks due to the very poor camera work (me).

What can I say? I was so worried that I was witnessing Johnny’s lasts moments on earth that I forgot to zoom in. I apologize.

So just in case you think that I make up all of the HungryMan’s antics for good blog fodder, here’s your proof in miniature:

And lest you think HungryMan reserves this water torture for dudes only, let me direct you to Exhibit B.

Three years ago, we invited HungryMan’s old roommates from House Fridley and their ladies to come down to the lake. We celebrated HungyMan’s 28th birthday with high-speed boating, piles of burgers, grilled peaches, and a little game he likes to call, “shake ‘n’ bake.”

It’s LOVE in any language.

We are headed down to the lake with the nearly the same gang this morning to celebrate HungryMan’s 31st birthday.

Fortunately for me and my lungs the jetski went into early retirement this spring.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

This post is done, why are still scrolling down? Oh, you want more HungryMan jetski action? You want to see the full version of the Shake ‘n’ Bake video, don’t you? Fine. Here it is.

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I know that many of you have been following the story of little Stellan, the unborn son of my friend MckMama. Thank you so much for praying for them. There were amazing answers to prayers today, and while the road to recovery is still long there is more hope on the horizon. Please continue to pray for them.

I have had the joy of visiting my friend at the hospital, and have witnessed how your prayers and comments are encouraging her. Ava has accompanied me there a couple of times and even applied the last coat of her pedicure.

Her VBS lesson that morning was on serving others, so she was excited to apply that with a shiny, sheer lacquer.

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Dear Minnesota,

We like eating ice cones,

not living in one.

We would most appreciate it if keep you this in mind this coming November.


Rachel and Co.

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