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Oh Summer, you are tricky with your warm nights and your sun that refuses to go to bed.

It makes us forget too.

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Remember when I told you about how HungryMan was flinging our friend, Johnny through the water like Indiana’s bull whip. I witnessed this harrowing event through the lens of our video camera. The jetski-dragging-tubing-fool footage has been hiding out our computer for weeks due to the very poor camera work (me).

What can I say? I was so worried that I was witnessing Johnny’s lasts moments on earth that I forgot to zoom in. I apologize.

So just in case you think that I make up all of the HungryMan’s antics for good blog fodder, here’s your proof in miniature:

And lest you think HungryMan reserves this water torture for dudes only, let me direct you to Exhibit B.

Three years ago, we invited HungryMan’s old roommates from House Fridley and their ladies to come down to the lake. We celebrated HungyMan’s 28th birthday with high-speed boating, piles of burgers, grilled peaches, and a little game he likes to call, “shake ‘n’ bake.”

It’s LOVE in any language.

We are headed down to the lake with the nearly the same gang this morning to celebrate HungryMan’s 31st birthday.

Fortunately for me and my lungs the jetski went into early retirement this spring.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

This post is done, why are still scrolling down? Oh, you want more HungryMan jetski action? You want to see the full version of the Shake ‘n’ Bake video, don’t you? Fine. Here it is.

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I know that many of you have been following the story of little Stellan, the unborn son of my friend MckMama. Thank you so much for praying for them. There were amazing answers to prayers today, and while the road to recovery is still long there is more hope on the horizon. Please continue to pray for them.

I have had the joy of visiting my friend at the hospital, and have witnessed how your prayers and comments are encouraging her. Ava has accompanied me there a couple of times and even applied the last coat of her pedicure.

Her VBS lesson that morning was on serving others, so she was excited to apply that with a shiny, sheer lacquer.

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Dear Minnesota,

We like eating ice cones,

not living in one.

We would most appreciate it if keep you this in mind this coming November.


Rachel and Co.

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HungryMan and I have been supporting Netflix since 2001. It single-handedly eliminated the video rental battles that were characteristic of movie dates in the early stages of our relationship.

Previous to 2001, we would arrive at the video store with a fairly good idea of what we were going to rent that night. However, once HungryMan walked in the store and saw the endless possiblities he became paralized by the indecision. He would walk about the store with two to four DVD’s in his hands while surveying at all the other options. I would get tired of waiting, sit on the floor, and pout. Really, it was a great way to start a date night.

So when we received the Netflix flyer in our mailbox, it was love at first sight.

While we do agree on Netflix, our tastes in movies still swing in varying directions. We each put our requests in the queue and watch whatever DVD comes in the mail.

Today, we received two movies thanks to a mix-up between Ava and the out-going mail she mistook for in-coming mail. Here’s what was in our mail slot:

I think you are capable of assessing who chose what.

As for what we’re going to watch tonight, that remains to be seen.

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what (not) to wear

Yesterday, we received that call that Ava has been anxiously waiting for ever since Grandma Penny’s plane touched down on the tarmac last week: Ava and her cousin, Katelyn, were invited for a sleepover that very night.

Ava was elated and started packing all the essentials in a fist-sized clutch. She crammed in beaded necklaces, clip-on earrings, sparkle clips, and lip gloss. She even snagged a fist full of paper money and plastic credit card for good measure. She zipped up her purse and announced that she was all ready to go.

I was equally giddy about a night alone with HungryMan, so I augmented her packing skills by pulling down her overnight bag and adding a few more “essentials.”

I grabbed her new Parisian night gown, one sun dress for the morning, and two pairs of underwear (just in case). I tossed them in her backpack with green blankie, Bubba and of course, her toothbrush. As I zipped her pack, I couldn’t believe how light and empty it was. Gone are the days of diapers and wipes, sippy cups and sleep sacks, or even pull ups and bedtime books. This preschool packing was a breeze.

I threw her swimming essentials in her beach bag and we headed out the door. Actually, we started out the door and then Ava remembered that she needed the “purple ribbons that Mimi gave me” affixed to her braids. So once properly adorned, we headed out the door to meet Grandma Penny at the beauty shop no less.

After spending the afternoon chasing a beach ball around the splash pad,

the girls returned to grandma’s to change clothes and go to the park.

Ava opened her backpack, rifled through the contents and announced, “My mama didn’t pack anything good! I don’t have anything to wear!”

Apparently we have completely bypassed uncomplicated preschool packing.

How was I supposed to know that an evening filled swinging, sliding, and slurping down mac and cheese is an itinerary that calls for wardrobe options?

And while Ava was passing away her evening in her jammies, I got to go on a date with HungryMan.

As for my wardrobe options, I opened my closet and honestly thanked the Lord that it was still summer, because I love sun dresses.

After considering each one, I remembered that almost a year ago my husband and I spent an enchanting day in Rome. I pulled out my Roman Holiday dress and some strappy sandals, and readied myself for an equally enchanting evening with HungryMan. Steak and scallops, sidewalk cafe, sweet summer air, long stroll around our pond, interruption-free conversation, and no babysitter curfew–this is what summer dates are made of. We even slurped down a few savory mussels in memory of our Italian vacation. It was all scrumptious and lovely.

See Ava, date nights, not park dates are worthy of wardrobe conundrums.

P.S. If anyone sees HungryMan, feel free to let him know that there are a few more dresses that would like to go out this summer. Thanks.

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On Saturday, we had to be at HungryMan’s softball tournament at 8:00 am.

8:00 am. On Saturday morning. At a field that is forty minutes away.

Needless to say, the two of us were a little groggy and grouchy when we arrived at the park. And since we were veering on the later side of 8:00 am, we progressed from the car to the field in a sort of frantic frenzy.

Three hours later, my friend, Nica and I determined that the breakfast snacks we had consumed on our way out of our respective doors didn’t really qualify as breakfast. And since our husband’s team was set on dragging out the morning by winning games, we decided to leave in search of food.

As we were walking with our daughters towards my car, I spotted HungryMan’s water bottle on the roof of the car.

“Look at that! Nate was in such a hurry he left his water bottle on top of the car. Oh, that’s hilarious!”

Two steps later, I saw something so ridiculous that it set off my finger-pointing reflex with such force that I sent my cell phone sailing through the parking lot. While my phone lay decimated on the pavement, my mouth hung wide open at our gaping passenger door.

That’s right, I failed to shut the car door when we arrived at the park. For three hours, our car sat in the “ready-for-entry” position. We might as well held up a sign, “Free Ice Cold Drink While You Steal Our Possessions!”

Thankfully everything was still in our car, including my purse.

And here’s what you get when you laugh at your husband’s folly as though he’s the one that is so absent minded.

Pride. It comes before the fall. Or in this case, before the long hard crash on the concrete.

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Back in June when I had four small girls fluttering about my home, I realized that I also had four pairs of fairy wings. I will leave it to your imagination as to how a home of one girl acquired four pairs of glittery, sparkling, bejeweled wings.

With the perfect ratio of girls to wings, I instantly knew that a fairy tea party was in order. I pulled out decorations from Ava’s party that hadn’t fully made their way into storage, put on a pot of tea, and invited one of Ava’s friends to add her charm to the mix.

But something was missing.

See this fairy.

She has iridescent wings with polka-dots. She has a violet twirling dress. She even has pink dots on her cheeks. But something is not quite right.

Do you see what is missing other than the eyes hidden by her lashes?

Flowers, people, flowers. A proper fairy must have flowers.

I write these because in the months that have transpired since I posted this,

I have had scores of people find their way to Badgers on the Loose by googling: “fairy party,” “decorations for a fairy party,” “fairy party games,” and so on. And since so many nice people have come this way, I feel a bit obligated to share a flower fairy craft for their potential fairy princess party. And while I don’t see myself as an expert on all things fairy-wise, I do live with a girl who believes that fairies cause the snarls in her hair, hunts for fairies in our backyard, and is sure that there is a fairy house in the tree by our pond. And did I mention that she has four pairs of wings? Really, I sort of find this appalling. I keep mentioning it as way of penance.

As I was saying, fairies generally speaking are adorned in some array of flowers. And since fresh flowers were in short supply this afternoon (and by short, I mean non-existent), I pulled out some tissue paper, piper cleaner and craft scissors.

While I set about to make their lunch, the little fairies busied themselves by making paper flowers.

How does one make a paper flower? Oh, these little sprites are more than eager to tell you.

It’s basically a study in shapes.

First cut tissue paper into 4″ by 4″ squares. Stack five of those squares together and fold it half to make a rectangle.

Then fold the rectangle in half to make a square.

Now comes the tricky part, tricky if you are four that is. Holding the folded corner in one hand, angle it up to make a diamond. Take a pair of decorative scissors and cut a half moon from the left corner to the right corner. It should look like an ice cream cone. When you open it up, it should be a circle.

Take a bit of pipe cleaner and wind one end around your thumb to make a small loop. Pinch the loop together.

Open up the tissue paper and push the pointed end of the pipe cleaner through the center of the stack. Pull the pipe cleaner through until the bent end meets the tissue paper. Your flower is almost done.

With one hand make an “O” with your thumb and your index finger. Pull the stem of the flower through the “O” so that the petals of the flower scrunch together. Fan the tissue paper out and use the stem to attach the flower to a fairy’s hair.

Presto: a flower fairy!

With freshly made flowers in their hair the girls sampled cucumber sandwiches and strawberries and sipped apple tea.

They were delighted to find a glittery treat for their hard work.

Something tells me that she likes it.

Paper flowers are now yours for the making. So is ice cream with sprinkles. Do tell if you try them, but wipe your mouth first.

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