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it’s a wrap

Oh man, oh man! That was so much fun!

I was going to post all about my day as a reality-tv-host last night, but I was so tuckered out that I went promptly to bed. And apparently the movie business has gone to my head, because this diva slept in until 9:00 this morning. Thanks in large part to Grammy’s ability to run Ava right out of energy.

So, here’s the story about how I hosted a reality show for a day.

I have these great friends, Wes and Nica, who have this little production company, HappyFunTime.

They were working on a project in which they needed someone to teach proper ettiquette to kids getting ready for prom, so they called me, the never-has-been actress that I am. I enthusiastically agreed to join their band of merrymakers and promptly forget that I really don’t really have a clue.

Then at 7:00 am yesterday, their crew, as in a real crew with real equipment and other actors, as in ones with agents and headshots, arrived at my doorstep. And I panicked.

“Dang, I’m really doing this. What am I doing? I don’t know what I’m doing. Ah great.”

But see, here’s Wes. He’s a fine director. He knows how to put everyone at ease. And he even gives you good pointers.

See, right now, he’s saying: “Okay, Rach, it would be really great if you could wait until I say ‘Action’ before you start talking.”

Since the premise was a reality show, there wasn’t a hard script. At each take, Nica would look down at her clipboard and say something like, “Yeah, in this next shot I need you to talk about what do do with your hands during the meal. Here’s the points you need to cover: hands stay on your lap, hands don’t sit on the table, no elbows on the table, don’t gesture with your utensils, don’t fidget or tap your class, and don’t reach over and take other peoples food. Got that?”

You want me to “what?”, I can’t even remember to bring my keys out to the car.

“Ah, yeah, got it.”




“….Uh, what was the first thing again?”


Eventually my sleepy brain would kick in and I shoot out all the necessary information. Then Wes would clap his hands together and say, “Ah, that was great! Let’s roll it again from the top.”

Somehow between my lack of lingo, absence of a short-term memory, and the 747’s that land in my neighbor’s backyard, Wes somehow managed to capture the footage he needed in a surprisingly efficient manner. I was very impressed.

Filming is seriously hard work on both sides of the camera. It’s amazing how much work goes into a single shot, and how much footage is needed for a short film.

Being a part of that whole creative process was so fun! I loved it! Plus playing make-believe with adults has the added benefits of edible food, good jokes, and costumes that actually fit. Oh, and I got to hang out with Nica, she’s great!

At 8:30 last night, little Ava came bounding onto the set with all the energy of a day spent with Grammy, immediately bringing me back to the reality of my sweet life with her.

Right now Ava’s setting up a picnic of goldfish and water in the dining room and wants me to ward off the monsters. Ah, the life of an actor. There’s always a new role to play.


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Yep, there’s a movie crew in my living room.

And my dining room.

I’m hanging out with the Talent in Ava’s room.

Ah, we’re shooting again. Gotta scoot. More later.

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Ever since Grandma Penny landed on U.S. soil, Ava has been asking when she could sleep at Grandma’s house. She has been literally counting down the days to when she can have a “sleepover–all by myself!” And I think that she may possibly have told every single person that looked her direction today that she was going to grandma’s house tonight!

After dinner she filled her backpack with Bubba, Bubba’s friends and an assortment of blankies. She added in an extra change of clothes just in case “Grammy let’s me stay two days.” When I told her that I would miss her too much if she stayed two days, she reassured me that I had daddy and that she would come home again.

There she goes. I think she’s going to miss me.

And while that little mouse is away, this cat is going to play.

I’m helping my friends out with a little filming project tomorrow. It’s been an extra long time since I’ve gotten to play in front of cameras, so it should be great fun. If you think of me tomorrow, please pray that I’m of some good use to my friends.

Well, I’m off to sleep. I’ll let you know if any sleep was had at grandma’s house.

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Two puffy, swollen eyes are no reason to be blue.

Upon seeing her puffy, pink eyes, Ava immediately paired them with as much pink as possible.

It’s always best to have twirling skirt when visiting your favorite doctor. Though your twirling may a bit off balance when you also have an ear infection.

It’s true. Ava has two infected eyes and an infected ear to boot.

But don’t go pitying Ava. She was delighted to spend some quality time with Dr. E. She gave her a thorough description of the doctor kit that “I got from Christmas.” They compared the quality of their tools and even exchanged patient-relation tips.

And the best part, Ava got a pink princess sticker and a bottle of pink tablets that tastes like pink bubble gum. Oh it is pinkalicious!

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(just so you know).

Last night after directing Ava to the underside of her covers, I snuck out the backdoor and drove out of our alley. I headed downtown towards the soothing sauna and whirlpool at Shanel’s condo.

There was no parking left in the garage, so I had to park on the street. I dug about in my purse for a few quarters to feed the greedy meter and headed up to her building.  I walked through the lobby, rode up the elevator, and walked down her hall before I realized that I had left my swimsuit in the car.

I swung open her door, announced my ridiculousness, threw down my purse, snatched up her building keys and headed back out.

I walked down her hall, rode down the elevator, walked through the lobby, and back out to my car. I stood under the glow of the street lamp in the dark night looking down at my hands. They had the keys to her building, but not the keys to my car. My car keys were up in her condo.

I switched my flip-flops to the other direction and clacked them back to her building, through the lobby, up the elevator, and down her hallway.

Another trip in and out of her condo. Another trip down her hall. Another trip down the elevator and through the lobby. And finally another trip down the sidewalk to my car. Clearly, I believe that you must be thoroughly stressed out and exhausted before partaking in the relaxing elements of a sauna.

This time, my car made it’s cheery “woo-hoo” sound at my approach, releasing it’s lock on my trunk and therefore my swimsuit.

How many trips does it take Rachel to get her swimsuit from her car to the hot tub?


Really, I take efficiency to a whole new level.

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medium button

Thanks to her riveting tale of Caroline meets Shamu, Big Mama has been my source of daily laughter for nearly a year. It’s true. She reminds of the warmer world that I once called home, so when I heard that she was a throwing a party, a fiesta, well I had to come. Stylishly late of course. It’s the New Mexican way.

So what do moms actually wear every day? It’s a reveal-your-true-clothes fiesta.

Now this mama is trapped in Narnia’s endless winter. Yes, it snowed again today. It’s snowing right now in fact. Snow, as in the white, cold stuff that falls on Christmas.

My closet is therefore frozen in the winter season as well. Try buying new spring sweaters in April. Banana, J.Crew, and even Target have ceased to sell sweaters. It’s April. They’ve moved on. Come on Minnesota, you can too.

Each night, I think, “If I have to wear another sweater tomorrow, I’m going to cry.” And then each morning, I see the forecast, high of 38 degrees, and pull another wool one over my gloomy face. I guess the Ava doesn’t fall far from the tree.

So instead of showing you what I wear right now, I’m going to run downstairs and grab the things I’m dreaming of wearing soon. Wait here, I’ll be quick.

Phew, I’m back. I can just smell the sunshine in these clothes. Am I the only one who changes out their closet seasonally? Do you back up your sweaters when the snow melts and then back up your shorts when the snow flies?

After eight months of jeans paired with a kaleidescope of sweaters and scarves, generally hidden by a pea coat and propelled by Uggs, I need something with a little more movement. Something a bit more feminine.

So for the few months when we can actually feel the sun shine, I wear skirts.

Happy, breezy skirts. With tank-tops.

“Sun, please kiss my shoulders” tank tops. Oh, and flip-flops.

Clapping, flapping flip-flops. I love my flip-flops. I could write a post on my flip flops, not that you would want to read it, but I could. I would probably tell you that when Ava was a baby she would stop crying in her crib the moment the clip clip of my flip-flops or how my co-workers used to quack after I would pass their cubes on casual Fridays. Yes I wore my floppers to work. Then I would tell you the woes about how I left my flip-flops behind when we went to Europe. I brought sensible walking sandals that cut my feet right open. My beloved flips-flops may not have arch supports, but they have never given me blisters.

So that’s my uniform. It takes me to the library, church, playdates, the zoo, farmer’s market, and right down to the park. Check out those pink flip-flops. That’s beautiful park dirt, people.

And when my skirts are dirty, I wear these capris, my second skin capris.

I generally wear these capris for days on end until the stains outnumber the snaps and then I pull out their matching twin. That’s right I have two pairs. Shanel and I bought a matching set some summers back. Being the trendy gal that she is, she has moved on, and given me hers.

Actually that’s true about lots of my outfits. I am the beneficiary of many such Shanel has-beens, which like the flip-flops deserves it’s own post.

When Hungryman takes me on a summer date, I like to wear a dress like this.

Hello good friend, I’ve missed you. Can you come upstairs to stay?

Oh, and check it out. Here’s my newest addition to my closet.

A HUGE thank you to Amy at By His Grace for this funky, monogram necklace.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I feel warmer now. Maybe I can finally take my coat off. Hmm, well not yet.

Here’s hoping this is the only umbrella I’ll need soon.

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