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forest fairy

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halloween math

princess + fairy + ballerina =
happy halloween!

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two’s company



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Thank you for humoring me and my imagination by participating in the bunny house poll.

The results:

Can you see the bunny?

  • Of course, it’s obvious: 18%
  • As soon as you mentioned it: 48%
  • Not until someone traced it out on my monitor: 25%
  • There is no bunny: 7%

Seers out-see non-seers by 66%, see? Si.

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MAMA: Ava, put your tennis shoes on and we will be ready to go.

AVA: [Run, bang, smash, bang, smash, swoosh] Mama, I can’t find my tennis shoes!

MAMA: Did you check the front stairwell or the back stairwell?

AVA: [Runs to the front of the house. Opens the front door and runs down the stairs. Runs back up the stairs, slams the front door shut. Runs across the house and open the back door. Runs down the back stairway. Throws various shoes about. Runs back up the back stairwell. Slams the back door. Runs into MAMA’S bedroom. Panting] I can’t find my shoes anywhere. They are not anywhere.

MAMA: Okay, I’ll help you look in a minute.

AVA: Maybe they are in my closet. [Runs into her bedroom.] Look, Mama, they are in my closet. I found them in my closet!

MAMA: [Quietly to herself] Imagine that.

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Ava’s preschool had a Harvest Party today. Look what she won:

Look what she made:

Apparently my daughter has a flare for flashy accessories.

And if you think that she has taken her “sparkle stars” off?

You would be incorrect.

And if you were to ask she went to sleep in them?

The answer would be yes.

My daughter knows that dreamland is one place that you don’t want to leave your dazzles behind.

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including DNA week at badgersontheloose.

I was going to close this week of all things genetic with another trait that was most certainly past down, but that would be following through on something I started. Instead I’m going to do the opposite and disclose a characteristic that Ava most certainly did not receive in her genetic package. It has become quite a pressing issue that must be addressed and for which I need your help, oh wise readers.

Ava bites her nails!

Gasp, I know. As far as I can tell this is a trait that was neither observed nor inherited.

But that’s not stopping her. She bites them like she was created to bite them. Her nails are nubs. Her finger tips are pink and puffy. And she has recently developed little sores around her cuticles. All the traits of a most ardent and efficient nail biter.

At first I thought it would just go away, that if I was careful to keep her nails short she would never think to bite them. I was naive and in the interim, she has become more and more addicted to snacking on her fingertips.

Now if a person starts a regular, and by regular I mean nearly every moment, habit of biting her nails at age three, how will she ever be able to quit such an ingrained habit?

I come from a long line of strong, sturdy, and sometimes dirty fingernails. What can I say, we ate jello, played outside everyday, and there was never a biter among us. We had to be taught to clip and clean, not cease to bite.

And while my teeth did mangle a good many pens, pencils, and crayons in my day, I never had the patience to file my nails down with my teeth. And I’ve always been partial to the snap-snap of a silver trimmer. So I feel completely unequipped to rescue my daughter’s nails from her mouth.

That is why I’m turning to you, my faithful readers. You are wise in the ways of many things and hopefully one of those things is how-to-make-a-three-year-old-girl-stop-biting-her-nails-as-though-it-was-her-sole-source-of-protein.

If you could help bring her nail-biting to an end, I will… I will let her paint her nails red.

Oh, oh, maybe that is the answer. Oh, that is a prohibited prize that just might work. Again, I am naive to the ways of nail-biters, so I entreat you again to share your wisdom.

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