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practice makes perfect

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follow the leader

“So Mama, I made you a map ’cause actually you don’t know how to get there so I actually just made this for you so that you would know how to get there ’cause I want to go to the beach and you need to know where to go. And actually you don’t know where it is ’cause I know where it is so I’m in charge of this ‘kay?”

(Cartographer’s Note: The long lines and swirls are the map, and the small squiggles at the top of the page are the directions)

So for anyone who actually hears me talk, do I say “so” and “actually” a lot?

After a quick restructuring of leadership and a reminder to Miss Ava that she is in fact the follower and I am the leader and the driver for that matter we set off for the beach that I successfully drive to on a weekly basis.

Mid-way to the beach, I gave Ava her map so she could navigate the remainder of our trip. She happily obliged.

“Go nor than turn right and then actually you need to take another right and then go straight through the nor and then the right and after that actually you take a left up at that part and then you go nor and then you turn left at the corner and you won’t see it at first but it is just up ahead….”

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In her short life, Ava has exhibited quite a bit of initiative. She surveys a given situation, sizes it up and quickly responds with what she believes to be the appropriate action. Of course, this has resulted in stuffed animals swathed in Auquafor, gift clothes robbed of their shopping tags, pedestal sink smothered in “cleaning” bubbles, and countless other spills and experiments. What she lacks in wisdom, she makes up for in zeal.

This afternoon Grandma Penny picked Ava and me up from ballet to take us to Grandpa Great’s surprise birthday party. As we were driving along, Ava began a detailed description of the card that she made for Grandpa Great. “It says, ‘Happy Birthday Grandpa Great’ and I glued it and I colored it and I mailed it.”

“You what?” I responded as I doubled-checked my purse.

“I mailed it. ‘Cause the mail lady is going to give it to him so he feels better, ’cause he’ll like my card.”

That’s right. She took her card out of my bag (because really why would you put a card in a bag) and marched down to the mailbox and reached up and dropped it in. Granted our mailbox is attached to our front door, so she was able to “mail” it from the safety of our home.

Since we were already en route to meet Grandpa Great, we did in fact get there before the card. While Ava arrived at the party empty-handed, she quickly made up for it with hugs and kisses.

Perhaps a card of hugs is better than a handmade card after all!

Either way, we will be sure to properly mail Grandpa Great’s card right after a lesson on addresses and stamps.

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