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Phew! We have been so busy lately with out-of-town relatives and friends, so much good blogging fodder and no time to post it. Now we are gearing up for Uncle Chad’s wedding next week and our trip to Europe the week after–and it has been HOT here, so we keep our beach bag packed and hit the water every chance we get. All that to say, the posts may be sparse for the next couple weeks.

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sweet tea

In less than a week the beautiful lady seated to my right will my new sister and Ava’s new auntie. To celebrate this momentous occasion, my mom, my Aunt Priscilla, and my cousins Sonja and Jolie took Emily out for a spot of tea and a shower of gifts.

We left with a sugar high and a strong consensus that my brother is one very lucky guy!

Emily we could not be more excited to have you in our family.

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the cat & the bird

The Cat & The Bird
by Ava

Once upon a time there was a cat with a very, very cute nose and a bird. The bird flew to the pond and went in the pond and got his feathers all wet. And then he flew back to the cat and shook his feathers all over the cat and his nose. So the cat walked away with a wet comb.

The End.

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hungry hippa

For almost four hours Ava dogsat a sweet pup named Pippa. Ever the caretaker, Ava gave her charge the pet name, Hippa and was certain that she was hungriest dog alive. She followed Pippa around the house with bits of dog food and sang, “Here’s some food, Hippa. Would you like some food to eat? Here you go Hippa.” Much to Ava’s disappointment Pippa was not hungry.

After explaining to Ava that perhaps a walk would make Pippa hungry, Ava quickly packed some dog food in her pocket and grabbed Pippa’s pull. Ava spent the majority of the walk stooped over trying to hand-feed Pippa food as though she was a goat at the petting zoo.

Not only did Ava take feeding her charge seriously, she also made sure that Pippa had the cleanest water possible. She dumped out Pippa’s water bowl and replaced the water with fresh, filtered water three times. She also gave Pippa lots of scratches, hugs, and “love pats.”

What do you say, do you think Ava’s ready for a puppy of her own?

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Ava and her cousin Jayden at their first Twins game.

Ava cheering for the Twins with Grandma & popcorn.

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tell me a story

During our cross-county Caravan ride, I held a backseat storytelling hour, where I would attempt to make up stories to amuse the girls. It worked. The stories were quite ridiculous (just ask Moose how he feels about the laughing birds), but the girls were mesmerized.

Once we had returned home where our bookshelves and local library offer a plethora of actual stories, I unofficially retired from “storytelling.” That is until last week when for unknown reasons, Ava remembered that I could tell stories and promptly demanded one:

“Tell me a story, Mama. Tell me a story about a cat. Okay, I’m ready.”

Glad to know your ready, Ava. Let me begin.

And so we have spend many hours over the past week reliving the adventures of cats, dogs, ducks, birds, pillows, sheep, and Uncle Moose.

Yesterday, she asked me again to tell her a story. I asked her what she wanted the story to be about, and she replied, “Jesus.”

“Oh, I do know some stories about Jesus!” I replied and we snuggled onto the couch for the story after story about Jesus.

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Overheard from the backseat:

miss right foot [tweety voice]: You can’t sit here.
mr. left foot [growly voice]: I want to here sit too.
miss right foot: There’s no room for you.
mr. left foot: Yes there is.
miss right foot: No there isn’t. Find another chair. You’re bothering me.
mr. left foot: I want to sit here too!
miss right foot: NO!
mr. left foot: I’m gonna kick you!
miss right foot: Don’t kick me!
mr. left foot: I’m gonna kick you!
miss right foot: AhhhhHHHH! Mama! Mama! Eh, eh, eh.
ava: Don’t kick her. It’s naughty to kick. You can sit over here.

My dad always said it takes two to fight, apparently he hadn’t anticipated Ava.

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