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add ’em up

To the amazement of her Mama, Ava acquired some simple addition skills this week. Check it out:

“Ava and Anna and Sammy and Mama are all going to the museum. That’s two girls, one boy, and one Mama!”

“Ava gets two cookies and then Mama gets two cookies. That’s four cookies. ‘Kay mama. We need four cookies.”

She doesn’t know it, but she can add. Apparently, she can also create and solve word problems–perhaps she will be a curriculum writer. Keep it up Ava!


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sweet angel

I’m wanna pack all my stuff and go to Heaven. I’m going to bring my animals.

Who are you going to see in Heaven?

I’m going to go and find your baby, then I’m going to fly back down and put in back in your tummy. And it won’t die again. ‘Kay, Mama.

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Let me say it again!

Come over and play already!

(shirt compliments of Grandma Penny)

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plea & prayer

As the Upholstery Cleaner began to haul his enormous water vacuum into Ava’s room, Ava grabbed my pants and starting crying, “I don’t want him to hurt my animals. He can’t go in my room. He’ll scare my animals. You can’t hurt my animals!” The sheepish cleaning man whispered that he wouldn’t. Ava looked back up at me and said, “It’s okay; Jesus will protect them.”

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deeper thoughts

Hmm, what is Ava reading?

You guessed it. Makes her daddy (& Jack Handey) proud.

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health conscious

Last Week
daddy: (sneeze, sniffle, sniffle) Ugh! I am so sick.
ava: Maybe you should eat your bitalims. That will help you feel better. Kay, daddy.

mama: (hand around throat) Uhh, I don’t want to get sick too.
ava: Oh Mama, you don’t feel good. I’m so sorry you don’t feel good. It’s hard to be sick, isn’t it mama?

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on blotting

truly the only proper way to eat a pome- granate popsicle.

Please note: The “mackin” was a special request of Ava’s.

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