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guess who turned 30?!?

Yes, it’s true. I can hardly believe it myself! Of course, we had a week of festivities to commemorate such an occasion. My dad started the celebrations by taking my family out to dinner at Ruth’s Chris. It was by far one of the most delicious (and hottest) meals I have had in my thirty years.
Thank you Dad!

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happy party

Nate the great hosted a party for me and all my favorite people at his mom’s beautiful home! Thank you to everyone who came! Thank you so much for all the amazingly good food! Oh, and a very special thanks to my husband and his game show–very fun!

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survey says

Ava is taking a poll:
What is your favorite animal?

Ava’s favorite animals
Winner: elephant
Runner-ups: giraffe & birdies

Hit the comment button and post your favorite animal.

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After stacking up her library books in a haphazard tower of reds and blues, Ava nestled into the couch for her afternoon consumption of Babar, Madeline, and Mother Goose. No sooner had she opened Guess Who’s Coming, Jesse Bear, did the precarious pile toppled over onto her feet up to her shins. Ava looked over her book and cried, “Mama, help! My books are trying to eat me!”

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I have read that children can develop complex relationships with imaginary friends and favorite toys, yet somehow I was completely unprepared for the following encounter:

I was in the basement lifting the sixth load of laundry up into the dryer when I heard sobs upon sobs tumbling down the stairs. “Mama! Mama! ahhh-wah-wah-ahhh. Mama.” As a mama, I have developed the keen sense of interpreting the “I-just-fell-down-and-need-a-kiss cries from the “I-want-it-I-want-it-I-want-it!” cries from the “the-badger-is-coming-to-get-me” cries–this was most definitely a “somebody-hurt-my-feelings-and-I-need-my-mama” cry. I met a puffy-faced Ava in the stairwell and asked her what was the matter. Between sobs and sniffles, she told me that she wanted her green blanket. “Ava, your green blanket is on your bed,” I replied knowing that it was the only thing I left on her bed as everything else was swirling in suds.

“But Mama,” whimpered Ava, “Froggy said I couldn’t have it.” Froggy is a chimeball with a frog head and outfitted in lime colored chenille. He has been her bedtime buddy since her early crib days, and, I have been told, is the “daddy” to all the other animals. “What do you mean Froggy won’t let you have it.”

“He said it is HIS BLANKET! And he won’t share with me. All my other blankets are gone. And I need a blanket too-oo-oo.” At this point, the cries had taken over her little frame and I had to scoop her up to stop the trembling.

“Ava, I’m so sorry about your blanket. Is Froggy really not sharing with you?”


“It’s naughty not to share, isn’t it?”

“Yes! Froggy’s being naughty.”

“Do you want me to go have a talk with Froggy?”

“Yes. Will you talk to Froggy, Mama? Please, Mama.”

I carried Ava back up to her room where I confronted the selfish Froggy and properly disciplined him. Froggy then shared his blanket with Ava; and they were able to hug and make up.

Perhaps I should have attened the sibling rivalry seminar at my church after all.

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spelling sweet pea

“Look Mama, I spelled my name! A. V. A. Look!” I looked over at our fridge and sure enough, there was her name spelled out in magnet letters:


“See Mama,” Ava continued. “A. V. A., that’s how I spell my name.”
“You are right! Wow, honey. Nice work!”
“It needs a house now. I’m going to make a house for my name. I’m gonna make it out of these letters. That will be nice, won’t it?

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This morning during breakfast Ava’s left hand had a friendly conversation with her right hand while taking turns feeding her mouth spoonfuls of strawberry yogurt.

mr. left: [in a very deep voice] You’re getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
miss right: [in a squeaky high voice] Yes, I’m all grown up.
mr. left: You’re not gonna to be a man.
miss right: No, I’m gonna be a lady.
mr. left: Are you a birdie?
miss right: [even higher voice] tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet.
mr. left: [low and growly] vooooom, vooooom, voom
miss right: you’re a truck.
mr. left: [joining the right hand on the spoon] let’s do it together.
ava: Look mama, they’re doing it together.

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add ’em up

To the amazement of her Mama, Ava acquired some simple addition skills this week. Check it out:

“Ava and Anna and Sammy and Mama are all going to the museum. That’s two girls, one boy, and one Mama!”

“Ava gets two cookies and then Mama gets two cookies. That’s four cookies. ‘Kay mama. We need four cookies.”

She doesn’t know it, but she can add. Apparently, she can also create and solve word problems–perhaps she will be a curriculum writer. Keep it up Ava!

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sweet angel

I’m wanna pack all my stuff and go to Heaven. I’m going to bring my animals.

Who are you going to see in Heaven?

I’m going to go and find your baby, then I’m going to fly back down and put in back in your tummy. And it won’t die again. ‘Kay, Mama.

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Let me say it again!

Come over and play already!

(shirt compliments of Grandma Penny)

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