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whale of a time-out

“Mama, did God put Jonah in a big, big dolphin?”
“Yes, it was a great big fish”
“Because he ran away from God.”
“Because he didn’t want to obey God.”
“So he had to have a punish”
“Did God give Jonah a time-out in the big fish?”


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art lesson

At breakfast this morning Ava accidentally spilled her juice. After wiping it up with a towel she came running up to me and announced, “when my blue towel cleans up the cranberry juice it makes purple. Look Mama, it makes purple!”

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A Mended Heart is a Special Heart

This is sweet Michal Caleb, the eight-month-old son of our good friends Tim & Antje. He is scheduled to have open heart surgery on Monday morning at 7:00 am in Ann Arbor Michigan in hopes of correcting multiple congenital heart problems. His parents put together a lovely website for him, babymichal.blogspot.com, where you can read more details about his heart, the surgery, and the ways the Lord is caring for this beautiful family.

Please pray for Michal and his surgery on Monday morning. Feel free to share Michal’s blog (babymichal.blogspot.com) with anyone else who would pray for Michal and his family. (For those of you who would like to share your support, they would prefer e-mails and blog comments over phone calls due to the cell phone restrictions at the hospital).

Nate and Tim, Michal’s dad, have been friends since sixth grade. And Tim’s daughter, Anna is one of Ava’s favorite friends. They nearly share a birthday (Anna is only two days younger than Ava) and they were scheduled to share a hospital until I changed my mind at the last minute. This is one of my favorite pictures of Ava and Anna taken with Anna’s older brother Sammy. The girls here are almost as old as Michal is now.

We love you, Tim, Antje, Sammy, Anna, and Michal. And we are praying that God would continue to hold you each in the palm of his hand and that his mercy would cover Michal and heal his heart through this surgery.

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red, white, & pink party

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I want to make cards
and treats with you!

Four little girls and two little boys joined Ava for an hour or so of Valentine fun.

My friend Jennifer captured the sweetness of our morning with this slide show that she created for her own blog. Thank you Jennifer for making this and letting my post it here too.

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AVA: There’s a shark in my boot!!!

ME: A what?

AVA: There’s a shark in my boot! It’s schplinking! It’s schplinking in my boot! [Two brown boots are sent flying to the passenger seat]. Mama, the shark schplinked in my boot!

ME: [Lifting heavy Target bags out of trunk]. Ava, you can’t get out of the car until you put your boots back on.

AVA: It’s phlanking. It’s okay now. The shark is phlanking. It will fly away soon. Oh, there it flew away. I can put my boots back on now, okay, Mama.

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