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sound bite

Houlihan’s definitely has one thing right and that is the complicated art of feeding toddlers. Ava’s order of “Mac & Cheese, please!” began with an appetizer of sliced carrots and dip. After the last orange stick had been triple dipped and licked clean, a large plate of cheesey noodles arrived with a side of strawberry applesauce. I’m not kidding, Houlihan’s has kids cuisine covered. Grandma Penny, Nate, and I have never enjoyed such a quiet dining experience. Uninterrupted adult conversation?? What ever should we talk about?

When the waitress came for Ava’s ice cream order, I told her that Ava would like swirl. I was quickly corrected. “No, I like banilla, please!”

Ava was soon savoring small spoonfuls of her largest ice cream portion to date. With a mouthful of sweetness, Ava shoveled up a heaping spoonful, looked across the booth, and asked, “Daddy, would you like some icecream?”

“Yes, I would.”

“Ask the lady and she will bring you some!” And the spoon went directly back into her mouth.

**postscript: After the continuous laughter subsided and then subsided again, Nate asked Ava if he could have some of her ice cream. “Yes, you can have some of my ice cream,” was her reply and she handed over her whole bowl of ice cream with a happy “thank you” and “your welcome.”

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In the race to turn 3, Henri has Ava beat by over 3 months! The happy pals celebrated his birthday at an indoor park (a necessity during single digit temperatures). Ava loved climbing the rope ladders, crazy towers, and even a rock wall, while Henri preferred climbing the trees, retaining walls, and guard rails. With high swings, twirly slides, and yummy snacks, it was an exciting morning for everyone!

** Happy, happy birthday, Henri! **

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picture this

My good friend, Jennifer, who is an amazing artist just started her own photography studio: Jennifer McKinney Photography. I’m so proud of her.

Ava and I spent a delightful day at her home today with her and her two boys. While Ava and Keiran played, Jennifer pulled out her camera and began shooting. Below is a just a sampling. I love words, but these photos truly speak for themselves.

To Jennifer: You continue to amaze and inspire me. You truly have an extraordinary eye.

To Everyone Else: Visit jennifermckinneyphotography.blogspot.com to see more snaps of Ava, to enjoy Jennifer’s other photographs (warning: her blue eyed babe will break your heart) and MOST importantly to set up a photography session for your family!!

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in the post…

…well almost.

After a year of hibernating on my computer, my little manuscript is printed (HIP HIP) and mail ready (HURRAY!!!). Only one last things stands between my desk and the mail box–address labels, large address labels. During the printing process, I discovered that our printer does not print on resume size envelopes and our address labels are too small to accommodate the six lines of publishers’ addresses. So with a little, friendly assistance from OfficeMax, these bundles should be ready in the morning.

If you feel so inclined, you may pray that someone at Clarion Books; Houghton Mifflin; Little, Brown; Boyds Mills Press; or LADYBUG Magazine will be enchanted with “Henri and Bernard” and want to publish my silly, little story.

This is new step for me. I rarely put action behind my art. I am much more of a dreamer than a doer when it comes to artistic endeavors. So here’s to hoping! …hoping that is that these manuscripts don’t start collecting dust on my desk and actually find their way to the post office!

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all is white

Apparently this year it only snows the day before a holiday. Our first snowfall was on New Year’s Eve, and the snow returned on the eve of Martin Luther King Day much to the delight of Ava. After enjoying sledding, snow angels, sliding on a frozen pond, and even a snow ball fight, Ava was given a shovel and put to work 😉

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AVA: Jesus made me!
AVA: He’s in heaven.
AVA: He’s with all the angels.
AVA: They’re watching over me. Jesus always takes care of Ava!
FURNACE FIXER: Yes, he does.

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Happy Birthday to G.G. & G.G.
–two very special great grandparents who share the same birthday!!

G.G. is Ava’s sweet name for both of my New England grandparents. She loves to sing for them on the phone and make glittery cards for them.

Like her G.G. (great grandpa), Ava loves to have oatmeal every morning and loves peanut butter toast.
Like her G.G. (great grandma), Ava likes to eat her sandwiches in segments–first the cheese, then meat, then lettuce, and finally the bread.

Happy, happy birthday to both of you!! We love you lots. XOXO

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a very polite birthday

ANYONE: Ava, when’s your birthday?
AVA: May I please sixteen.

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matching game

“Look, Mama, look that doggie has gray hair. He has gray hair like like like like my like my great grandpa has gray hair. My great grandpa has gray hair on his head. Yeah! They’re matching.”

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